Kondagaon is prevalent in the past, that its ancient name was Kandanar. It is said that the Marar people were going to Golade carriage, then the vehicle was stuck in the vines of tubers coming from the old Narayanpur road near the present Gandhi Chowk of Kondagaon. They had to rest there in the compulsion at night. It is said that his chief had a dream. In the dream, Goddess gave it the determination to settle down here. Seeing that the land of that place is very fertile, it is deemed proper to sit here as directed by Goddess. At that time it was introduced to the Kaandnar (on the basis of the tuber’s coconut base), which became Kalantar Kandanar.
In the meanwhile, an official of Bastar principality, in a meeting of senior people in Hanuman temple, it is more appropriate to place Kandagaon in place of Kandanarar. The old route of that time was the old Narayanpur road. Therefore, the settlement of the main families of the MARAH has been on both sides of the same road. This was the old village of Kondagaon. In 1905, after the construction of the Keshakal valley, the main road was constructed which meets the old Narayanpur road near Gandhi Chowk.When the new route was created, new settlements started happening on both sides of it. Employment Mercury settled on both sides of the new route. After the construction of the road to the Keshak valley, the area of ​​Kishakal was given to the Rathore family in Malgujari. The family and the people related to them later settled on the main road of the Kondagaon.

The main road went to Dhamtari to Jagdalpur. Thus the main road of Kondagaon is connected to Jagdalpur, the capital of Bastar. In the 1980s it has been declared as National Highway No. 43. In 2010, it was declared as National Highway No. 30 in the recent past.Kinggaon was under Badadongar tehsil and its police station was in Badadongar Afterwards the tehsil headquarters came to Kondagaon in 1943.
The oldest settlers settling here were Kora and Scheduled Caste, tribe Ganda, Ghasia, Halba etc. After the settlement of Kondagaon, it became an elementary school around 1930 and after some years the Anglo Vernacular Middle School was established. In 1953, the matriculation examination center was also established. In 1955, for the settlement of the people of East Bengal, the administrative building and the employees’ housing began to be built. Under the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Dandakaranya project was made that extended from Orissa to this area of ​​Bastar. In 1958, the Principal of the Electricity inaugurated the High School inaugurated here.

In 1965, it was declared as the revenue department of the Kondagaon. In the Kunda Ganga era, Hatia was formerly taken under Shampur and later Sonabal Paraganas. The growth of Kondagaon was rapidly and it became a city from the town. Earlier it was under the primitive caste panchayat. In 1975, the Municipality Council was established in the city, progress has been made in the city, due to which the works of Bell matal Crafts, Iron Crafts, Crafts, Folk Art Pictures, Kastal, Bamboo, Cowry Craft and Weaver Crafts Yesthate development has taken place. The credit goes to the artists of Kondagaon from Bell Metal craft to make Bastar a world-class fame. Cultural institutions were established in the cultural field and the path of the development of art and the art of performing arts was paved. Apart from this, different schemes of governance also got publicity through this. A University was established by the Government in the year 1984. On 15th August 2011, the Honorable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, declared its revenue district as its development. Of course, through the district construction, the district of Kondagaon will become another district of Chhattisgarh and will earn fame. (The above history has been taken as per information received from Shri TS Thakur, Surendra Rawal, Ujiyar Devangan, Harihar Devangan, Mahesh Pandey, Kotwal Sukalu, Gopal Patel and Kheem Vishwan.).

Kondagaon District Legal Service Authority established on 23rd September 2013. The Aim of The Legal Aid Service is to provide free and competent Legal Service to the weaker sections of the society to ensure that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities and to organize Lok Adalat to secure that the operation of the legal system promotes justice on a basis of equal opportunity. The office of Kondagaon District Legal Service Authority functions at in front of District & Sessions Court Kondagaon, Chhattisgarh.