Places of Interest

Evidence of District Kondagaon

  • Shiv Temple located in Coppabeda : –The unique temple of the Shiva temple, Kopabeda, 4.5 km from Kadangaon. It is located near the remote river Nanggi. To reach here, it has to be through the middle of the year’s dense trees. This area of ​​ancient dandakaranya is considered to be the area of ​​Ramnath in Bansur. In general, now there is a strategy and protection in the entire area. Interesting facts are found in the context of the gender sexes set up in those temples, as there is a temple in this zone related to the idea. This interesting fact is that the Shivlingas belong to the dreamer The temple of Kopaheda is also not untouched by it. It is Janushuti that devotees have seen this Shivling in the dream. On the basis of the dream, they established it in the nearby forest. This incident occurred in 1950-51. Is around. Every Shivratri seems to be tender here. The tradition of worship is that the Devasthan of the village, which is known as Rajarava along the river, is worshiped first. It is said that there is an important fact in the context of this birding that when it was received, it was very small, but at present, its size has grown quite large. It is such a belief that the presence of Nagespar couple in Savan’s month is also an indispensable event.
  • Mulmulla: –Tehsil is situated at a distance of 5 km from Chipavad village on the route to Kadagaga Shampur Machandi, village Gram Mulmulla. About 3-4 km from this village In the safe forest area, there is a place called Mulmula and Kakravewara Jungle Moussar Dev. There are many ancient mounds present here, there is a Shivling near these hills. Since this Shivalinga is the shape of a mouser in Lambi, due to which the local people know it by the name of Musur Dev. Details of the dreets are: Mound No. 01: – The size of this mound is 12 × 12 × 2 m. is. There is a shivaling on the mound which is divided into two parts, which measures 135 × 20 × 19 cm. And the groundwater is 97 × 40 × 8 cm is. Mound No. 02 This mound has a size of 18 × 20 × 3 m. is. This mound is about 50m from the first mound. It is located in the south direction at a distance of 34 × 17 × 7 cm in diameter scattered here. is. This mound has also been excavated by the unknown people in the circumference of 4 × 2 × 2. The walls made of stems from Khudaii are clearly visible. Apart from this, there are many places in the district of Kandagaon which have religious and religious significance.
  • Adorable mother Denteshwari – Badedongar: – Only 16 km from Farasgaon Badaodonagar is surrounded by hills surrounded by hills and is exploring its history. Today the discussion of this region is in the entire Chhattisgarh state. The saying is that the residence of Dasteshvari, the goddess Mother of Bastar, is mainly the temple of Dantewada. Earlier, the main festival of Mai Ji in Budedonagar, the capital of Bastar, was run from this temple. The story is prevalent that the Sangram mother of a monster named Mahishasur was at this site from Danteshwari. Mahishasura was surrounded by elephants and horses in the battlefield. Devi has failed to do all the work by making Arms weapons. In Badedonagar, 147 ponds were found in the old times, which specially referred to it as the holy city of ponds.
  • Alor: – Gram Panchayat Alor Janpand Panchayat is under Farasgaon. In the right direction of Panchayat, there is a very beautiful mountain range. 100 meters from the ground in the middle of this mountain range The statue of Lengshawri Devi, the mother of ancient times, is on the highest elevation. According to Janushuti, the temple is being said to be of the seventh century. Ancient caves are in the courtyard of this temple. According to the ancient belief, once in the year, the pasan kapat is opened for observing the devotees on the first Wednesday of the month of patrihma Amavasya month. Due to sunrise, with the start of sunlight, the devotees are revered by revealing the statue of the mother till sunset.
  • The picturesque valley of Keshakal: – The picturesque and scenic Keshakal valley on the National Highway 30 in Keshkal tehsil of Kondagaon district is situated between Kandagaon-Kanker. Keshak Valley is famous for dense forest areas, hills and beautiful curved edifices. It is also known as Tallinn valley. 4 kms passing through this valley The highway and 12 curved curves on it fill the enthusiasm and thrill in the minds of the pilgrims. The temple of Tallinn Mata is situated along the path and some holy place Bhangaram is known as the goddess of justice. Travelers in the Tallin Sati Ma Temple stop the visit of the mother and departing towards her destination after a brief rest.
  • Tatamari: – Power-wealth master power -Superata Mataji Mahalaxmi Shakti Peeth Chhattisgarh Tatamari is established on the Tapovan of the eternal sage on the mythological beliefs from primitive times in the Surad Nagar era. On the upper plateau of the twelve vhanwar Keshakal valley, on the day of Diwali, on the day of Laxmi Puja, Shraddhulujan worshiped with worship and worship. Suradongar lake, Bhangaram Maai Temple, Taitamari reached the Mahalaxmi Shakti Peeth place on the Upper Hill Plateau, and the mother’s sister came from devotion. The site covered with natural beauty, the panoramic shade, represents a unique place of beauty. Historical heritage site, the plateau of the Tattamari is seen on the eighth floor of a hundred and a half acres of land with a view of the peak sight of peaks. Or the place is naturally humorous.
  • Historical- Religious Places Garh Dhanora: – Garh Dhanora Historical-Religious Site is situated in Keshakal Tehsil of the newly formed Kondagaon district, it is located in Keshakal tehsil of the district of Kandagaon, it is about 2 km from Keshakal on the Kongaon-Kesh Kalam road. The east side is at a distance of 3 km. Dhanora is called the Capital of Karna. In the fortress Dhanora, the ancient temple of Vishnu and other sculptures and bavdi received 5-6th century. Here, many Shiva temples have been found on Kishakal teal khudaii. There is a Shivalinga on a mound located here, it is famous as Gobarhan. Here is a huge fair on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. Similarly, there are many places in the holy archaeological land of Keshak, which is not only important for ancient history but it is a wonderful center of faith and faith. In which there is great recognition of the wonderful Shivling of Narna and the pairing of Pipra.
  • Bhongaapal: – Bhonggal is situated in Bhogangal village in Vadodonagar area of ​​Farasgaon tehsil of the district of kadangaon. Buddhist historic mounds and hazards are present in the villages of Bhonggal, Bundapal, Egypti and Badgai. These historic mounds and Aveshas are Maurya Yugin and Gupta. Historians estimate that this site is located on the path connecting southern states in ancient times. There is a Viral Chaitya Mandir built in Vongal, which is the main center of spreading and promoting the religion of the Buddhist monks. Close to this, there is a statue of Saptamatrukas near a demolition temple, in which the statue of Vaishnavi, Kaumari, Indrani, Maheshwari, Varanhi, Chamunda and Narasimhi is built on one Shikla.
  • Jatayu Shila: – Jatayu Shila is situated near Farasgaon, at the distance of 3 km in the west direction from the Farasgaon main road. Here are big boys on the hill. The scenic scenes are visible from the shops and watch tower. It is said that at this place, during the Ramayana period, there was conflict between Ravana and Jatayu during the defeat of Sita ji.
  • Shell Pictures: – The founding of this gives a special identity to the district of Kandgaon. These shail paintings have been found in Ginkaradhara, Bloodhound, Laeh Mutta, Mutte Khadka, Singar Hoor. Which can be the subject of wide-heartedness.