Gobrahin Shiv Temple Kondagaon Gad Dhanora

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An archaeological and religious centre, Gad Dhanora, is located in Keshkal. Dhanora is known as the capital of Karna. Ancient temples, idols of Vishnu and others, and bathing areas dating back to the 5th – 6th century have been found at Gad Dhanora. Numerous Shiva temples have been found under the excavation of mounds at Keshkal. On a mound, there are several Shivalingas, famously known as Gobarhin. Every year on the occasion of Mahashivaratri, a huge Mela is organized here. Likewise, in the ancient holy land of Keshkal, many places are essential from the viewpoint of ancient history and serve as a beautiful centre of faith and devotion. Shivalinga at Narna and double Shivalinga at Pipra are some among them.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Raipur to jagdalpur 300km by air+ jagdalpur to gaddhanora 131km by raod , To vizag to jagdalpur 300km by air and 131km by road

By Train

Vizag to jagdalpur 300km + 131km jagdalpur to gaddhanora

By Road

To raipur 171km,To vizag 423km